We at Northeastern Wildlife are concerned with the spiraling costs of biomedical research and the stifling effect it has had on basic research and the search for new cures. We strive to keep our costs to you as fair as possible yet provide a quality product and service. Often, we are forced to increase costs due to expensive government mandates, over which we have no control. Other private and public sector organizations, kill your budget with “indirect costs” or high animal costs.

It is our hope that no effective treatment or discoveries are forfeited due to a lack of resources. This would be unthinkable in terms of human suffering, so we offer the following opportunities as our resources allow.

Animal Grants

We at Northeastern Wildlife offer an important part of the research puzzle, important animal models. Non-profit and public groups can apply for a portion of their animal model cost to be offset by an animal grant. The animals must be used for basic research purposes only and not for the establishment of breeding colonies. We offer a sliding percentage scale based on what we contribute to your research project. Inquire about this opportunity.

Joint Ventures and Cooperations

Northeastern Wildlife also offers a program for for-profit companies and individuals. Do you have a promising anti-viral treatment but need basic data to prove its effectiveness in order to raise funds? We can help. We offer our facilities and expertise to help you develop your discovery. Contact us for more information.